Nagaland Public Service Commission (NPSC)

The Nagaland Public Service Commission was set up in 1965 with a composition of one Chairman & two Members. The composition was revised in 1985 by addition of one more Member. In 2007 the strength of members of the Commission was increased to 4(four). The Commission shall functioned with composite strength of 1(one) Chairman & 4(four) Members.

  1. The incumbents during the period are:
  • YanangKonyak Chairman
  • Fury Putsure Member I
  • Idailung Thou  Member II
  • W. ChubalaAier Member III
  • Shri S. ChontaKhiam       Member IV
  • Smti Sarah R.Ritse Secretary


  1. Appointment & Retirement:
  • ShriIdailung Thou was appointed as Member of the Commission w.e.f  04.2015
  • W. ChubalaAier was appointed as Member of the Commission w.e.f 29.04.2015.
  • ShriNungsanglemba Chang, Member of the Commission retired on 31.12.2015.
  • Shri S. ChontaKhiam was appointed as Member of the Commission w.e.f 05.02.2016

The total strength of staff of the Commission during the year under report, including the Commission Chairman and Members is 69.

  1. Receipt and Expenditure:

     (i) Receipts:

During the year under report, the Commission received a sum of Rs.56,59,800/- (fifty six lakhs fifty nine               thousand and eight hundred only)  by way of collection of examination fees and selling of forms.

      (ii) Budget Allocation:

  1. Salaries :  Rs 412.12 Lakhs
  2. Wages :  Rs     32 Lakhs
  3. Travel Expenses  :  Rs   00 Lakhs
  4. Office Expenses :  Rs   00 Lakhs
  5. Prof &Spl. Services  :    50.00 Lakhs
  6. Rent, Rates & taxes  :      4.00 Lakhs
  7. Advertisements :      8.00 Lakhs
  8. Motor Vehicles :  Rs   67 Lakhs



Total                                        : Rs. 576.11 Lakhs