Office Memorandum on Manpower Rationalization Committee

1. Checklist of MRC and format for upgradation creation
2. Scanned copy of the Office Memorandum

No.AR-3/GEN-331/16 (Vol-I)                               Dated.Kohima, the 9th July, 2019


SUBJECT:-  Constitution of Manpower Rationalization Committee (MRC)  

1. The  State  Government  had  constituted  the  Manpower  Rationalization  Committee vide this Department’s Notification No. AR-3/GEN-58/2001  dated  20-02-2016,  with  the  Chief Secretary  as  the  Chairman  and  the  Administrative  Heads  of  the  Departments  of  Planning  & Coordination,  Finance,  Personnel  &  Administrative  Reforms,  Home  and  the  Commissioner, Nagaland as members.

2.  The Manpower Rationalization Committee had been essentially set up to undertake in-depth analysis and appraisal of proposals submitted by various departments with regard to (a) creation  of  posts  (b)  upgradation  of  posts  and  (c)  recommendations  made  by  Cadre  Review Committees, subsequent to detailed examination and scrutiny of the same by the Departments of P&AR and Finance.

3. The  Manpower  Rationalization  Committee,  while  carrying  out  such  an  exercise  in respect  of  a  particular  department,  had  taken  into  consideration  the  following  aspects  prior  to submission of its recommendations.

  1. Existing manpower resources;
  2. Feasibility of re-deployment from the resources already available;
  3. Conversion of redundant posts

4.  Now, with the view to further facilitate the Manpower Rationalization Committee in making  appropriate  recommendations  based  on  informed  evaluations/  assessments  of  facts  and figures,  all  departments  should  place  proposals  before  the  Committee  concerned  as  per  the prescribed formats that had been suitably revised and attached as Annexure-I, Annexure-II and Annexure-III. Accordingly,  all  pending  proposals  are  being  returned  so that  fresh  proposals  as

per this O.M. may be submitted.

5.  A  Department,  furthermore,  should  ensure  that  proposals  for  creation  of  posts  and post-upgradations are  initiated only after a comprehensive  manpower-rationalization exercise of its own is conduced, details of which should be presented before the P&AR Department, Finance department  and  the  Manpower  Rationalization  Committee  in  the  course  of  submission  of  such proposals.


Chief Secretary to the Govt. of Nagaland