Merit List of GT/PT for upgradation to PGT


                                                            Kohima Dated, the 23rd   August 2019

DSE/Cab/HSE-Upgr/2012-13 (Vol-1):: On the recommendation of the Screening Committee, the Department of School Education hereby declare the following Graduate Teachers/Primary Teachers as successful for upgradation  to the post  of Post Graduate Teachers under the Government Higher Secondary Schools. The above selection is done on merit basis

1 Smti. K.S Mariam Primary Teacher GPS Longlem English
2 Smti. R Mangam Konyak Primary Teacher GPS Takang Education
3 Smti. Merenla Jamir Primary Teacher GHS Kushiabill Education
4 Smti. Abeinu Theyo Primary Teacher GHS,Sakhabama History
5 Smti.T Yallen Primary Teacher GPS S. Chinglen Sociology
6 Smti. Akunu Tase Graduate Teacher GHS Chesezu History
7 Smti. Longkoi S Primary Teacher GMS Choklangan Education
8 Shri. Y Pangao Primary Teacher GPS, Shangnyu History
9 Shri. Pekinto Y Jimo Graduate Teacher GHS Akahuto English
10 Shri. S Shinyu Primary Teacher GPS Peshu, Noklak Education
11 Smti. Easter Jamir Graduate Teacher GHS, Dhansiripar Education
12 Smti. Imtisangla Primary Teacher GMS Marepkong Education
13 Smti. Sanky W Konyak Primary Teacher GPS Monyakshu HQ Sociology
14 Shri. Kezhalesa Primary Teacher GPS Khuzama Political Science
15 Smti. Litoli Wotsa Primary Teacher GPS, Nagarjan A Lungwiram Education
16 Smti. Tolivi A Chophy Graduate Teacher GHSS, Dimapur English
17 Smti. Hotingla S Sangtam Primary Teacher GPS, Yangzitong Sociology
18 Shri. M Phongnyei Changkhu Graduate Teacher GHSS Aboi Political Science
19 Smti. Neivakrano Christina Primary Teacher GPS Lerie CWSN History
20 Smti. Sozokhrieno Liegise Primary Teacher GPS New Sectt English
21 Shri Inaholi Sema Primary Teacher GMS, Vishiyi English
22 Shri. Imtiwapong Graduate Teacher GHSS Mon Education
23 Smti. Esther Kiho Primary Teacher GPS Henito English
24 Smti. Vereizeü Solo Graduate Teacher RGHSS English
25 Shri. G Omega Sema Graduate Teacher GHS Burma Camp Political Science
26 Smti. H Zhetoli Zhimo Primary Teacher GPS Momi History
27 Shri. P Robert Doungel Graduate Teacher GHS Ahtibung Political Science
28 Shri. Anguka Swu Graduate Teacher GHS Kuhuboto, Dmp History
29 Smti. Athonu Kharutso Primary Teacher EBRC Viswema Political Science
30 Smti. Ngumenuo Rhakho Graduate Teacher GHSS Chozuba Sociology
31 Smti. Mengubeinuo Suokhrie Primary Teacher GMS, Meriema Education
32 Smti. Pusachonu Richa Primary Teacher GMS Botsa Political Science
33 Smti. Y Wanjai Primary Teacher GPS Wanching Yongmouth Political Science
34 Smti. Kelezevono Peseyie Primary Teacher GPS Phezhu Jotsoma Sociology
35 Smti. Akani Zhimo Graduate Teacher GHS Apukito English
36 Smti. Avikali K Yepthomi Primary Teacher GMS Sukhalu Political Science
37 Smti. Manyeah Konyak Primary Teacher GMS, Yuching Village, Political Science
38 Smti. Maria Jamir Primary Teacher GHS Chuchuyimpang Sociology
39 Smti. I Limakumla Primary Teacher GPS, Longjang Education
40 Smti. Dzüzienuo Angami Graduate Teacher GHS Sechu Zubza History
41 Smti. Itoli Jakhalu Primary Teacher GMS, Chekiye Political Science
42 Smti. Nepi Konyak Primary Teacher GPS Aboi D Political Science
43 Shri. Zechelo Wetsah Graduate Teacher GHS Zuketsa Political Science
44 Shri. N Tsenbemo Lotha Graduate Teacher GHS Changsu History
45 Smti. Z Ghenda Primary Teacher GHS Akhegwo Sociology
46 Smti. Sashisongla Primary Teacher GPS Aokum Education
47 Shri. T Moanungsang Graduate Teacher GMS, Sumi History
48 Smti. Kavitoli Sumi Primary Teacher GPS South Point West History
49 Smti. Atoli Chishi Primary Teacher GPS Sunito Political Science
50 Smti. Hokanili Sema Primary Teacher GPS Alaphumi Political Science
51 Smti. Moarenla Graduate Teacher GHS Longsa, Political Science
52 Smti. Khuvili Wotsa Primary Teacher GPS Tukuliqa English
53 Smti. Vili Swu Primary Teacher GMS 7th Mile Village Political Science
54 Smti Masamenla Primary Teacher GMS, Salukong Chakpa, Political Science
55 Smti. Khonzani Tsanglao Primary Teacher GHSS Wokha English
56 Shri. Zachisato Tetseo Primary Teacher GPS Mütsale Sociology
57 Smti. Ngiplem Graduate Teacher DEO Mon History
58 Shri. M Myamo Primary Teacher GMS Pyotchu Wokha History

* The results of Smti. Naomi Bukh, Smti. Tansola and Smti. Tsungkamla H Yimchunger are withheld due to non submission of complete educational documents. They  are directed to submit their documents within 2 (two) weeks time from the date of issue of this notification failing which their recommendation shall stand cancelled.

2. Selected candidate are directed to collect offer letter and intimate this Department in written the acceptance of the post within 10 (ten) days from the date of issue of the Notification.

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