1 Lexicon Universal Encyclopedia vol-1 to 21 Lexicon Publication
2 World Gold Deposit J.J Bache
3 Parental Participation in Children’s Development and Education Shiela Wolfendale
4 Economics of Brain Migration Dr.B.N Ghosh, & Dr.Roma Ghosh
5 Regional Experience in a Developing Economy K.R.G Nair
6 Industrial Development in North East India D.D.Mali P.Deka
7 Structure and Determination of Manpower Resources N.D Kamble
8 Political Development of the North East B.C Bhuyan
9 Forest Menstruation Hand Book G.J Hamilton
10 Folk lore and Tales of the Nagas R.Luikham
11 The Secret of Mahatma Gandhi. The Harmonic Counterpoint P.ManiS.N.Mishra & Rishi K.Sharma
12 Livestock Development in India an Appraisal S.N.Mishra & Rishi K.Sharma
13 Nagaland’s Economy in Transition since 1964 Swabera Islam Salem
14 Government Auditing T.N.Chaturvedi
15 Socio-Economic Change and the Religious Factor in India. An Indian Symposium of views on Max Weber C.P Loomis and Z.K Loomis
16 The Investor’s Guide to Discount Brokers David L.Scott
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18 Principles of Internal 10th Edition Harrison’s
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21 Rural Sociology in India A.R.Desai
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23 Tribal Economy D.S Nag
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25 Policy Making in Government K.D Madam, K.Diesh, Ashok Pradhan, C.Chandra Sekharan
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30 Management an Integrated Approach R.S.Dwivedi
31 Readings in Indian Labour and Social Welfare J.N Mongia
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34 Comparative Urbanization City Growth and Change C.S.Yadav
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37 United Nation for a Better World J.N Saxena Gurdip Singh, A.K.Koul
38 Panchayat Raj and Bureaucracy V.R.Gaikwad
39 Irrigation Planning for Intensive Cultivation H.L.Sally
40 The Role of Cooperative in Social and Economic Development International Cooperative Alliance
41 The Growth of Baptist Churches in Nagaland P.T.Philip
42 Top Ready Reckoner R.D Choudhari
43 My Country My People Focus on Nagaland Rev.V.K Nuh
44 Anthropology a Human Science Margaret Mead
45 Adoption of Agriculture Practices in Madya Pradesh Linwood L.Hodgdon and Harpal Singh
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49 Problems of Tribal Education and the Santals N.K Das Gupta
50 A Dictionary of Accounting and Financial Terms Kiran Chopra
51 Irrigation Impact on Desert Ecology Ram Kumar Gurjar James Watson and Anne Hill
52 A Dictionary of Communication and Media Studies. Second Edition James Watson and Anne Hill
53 Social Forestry a Step Towards Environmental Change Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya
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55 Methodology of Economic Research A.K.Das Gupta
56 Principal and Practices of Social- cum- Community Forestry V.N Prasad
57 Development of Library Services in India S.P.Agrawal
58 Economic Life in Ancient India Buch
59 Pest Control in Agriculture ( Second Edition ) Dr.Wolfgang Rodewald and Heinz Witte
60 Hand Book of the Fresh Water Fishes of India Captain R.Beavan
61 Production and Marketing of Off- Season Vegetables D.V Singh
62 Police Law and Internal Security Krishna Mohan Mathur
63 Financial Reporting in Public Enterprises R.C Sharma
64 Economic Development of Tribes of India H.V Trivedi
65 Current Issues in Education J.Mohanty
66 Revenue and Expenditure Projections V.G. Rao
67 Inflation the Critical Issues K.S Ramachandran
68 Documents for Bank Advances Ashim Boran DC
69 Small Scale Industries in India Tilak Raj Sikka
70 The Law and Practice of Banking J.Milnes Holden
71 Public Sector at the Cross Roads Prof. Om Prakash
72 Unemployment and the Structure of Labour Markets Kevin Lang and Janathan S.Leonard
73 School Subjects and Curriculum Change Ivar Goodson
74 Dusk and Dawn in Village India Zahir Ahmed
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76 The New Health and Longevity A.C Selmon M.D
77 Naga Insurgency M.Horam
78 Foreign Exchange Dr.P.Balachandran
79 The Politics of Development B.S Baviskar
80 Reading in Economics Paul A.Samuelson
81 The Approach of Operational Research to Planning in India P.C Mahalanobis
82 Elementary Education in India the Unfinished Business J.P.Naik
83 Management of a Small Scale Industry Vasant Desai
84 Techniques of Financial Analysis Erich A.Helfert
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86 Art of Medival Assam R.Das Gupta
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91 Marketing and Project Development Dale Littler
92 Planning in North East India K.Alam
93 India under Indira Ram Gopal
94 Centre and State Powers under India Federalism Anirudh Prasad
95 The Sociologist and Social Change in India Today Ramkrishna Mukherjee
96 Population crisis in India K.P Bahadur
97 New Knowledge Library Universal Reference Encyclopedia 3 to 33 Bay Books
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103 The Immigrant and the Drug Addict Guy Sorman
104 Hand Book of Regional Rural Banks S.S.Anand Jaget Ram
105 Nagas Problems and Politics Dr.A.Shikho Daili Mao
106 Growth and Development of Adult Education s.s.Bhat
107 Education and Jobs S.Parmaji
108 Cases and Human Resource Management M.N.Rudhabasava Raj
109 Marketing Practices in Small Scale Industries R.P.Hooda
110 Graduate Employment and Higher Education in West Bengal B.C.Sanyal, S.P.Mukherjee
111 Education in Modern India Anathnath Basu
112 Strategies for Rural Development J.K.Gehlawat, K.Kanti
113 Materials Sciences and Manufacturing Processes Shrarmendra Kumar, S.K.Jain, AK Bhargave
114 Fiscal Policy and Economic Development in India R.N.Tripathy
115 Transport Planning Policy and Development V.S.Mahajan
116 Big Game Shooting in Eastern and North Eastern India The Maharajah of Cooch Behar
117 Shivapur (A South India Village ) K.Ishwaran
118 A Guide to Research in Economics C.T.Kurien
119 Successful Tourism Management Pran Nath Seth
120 District Administration in India S.S.Keera
121 North East India M.Horam
122 Challenges Before the Nation Pranab Mukherjee
123 Unemployment in Assam Bhakta Das
124 Contributory Provident Fund Rules P.Huthusswamy
125 Employment Problems of University Graduates C.Parvathamma
126 Eastern Intellectuals and Western Solutions Doh Joon Chien
127 Liangmai Nagas Sujata Miri
128 Industrials Relations System in India S.Nagaraju
129 Economic Planning A.N.Agrawal
130 Methods and Fields of Social Work in India K.K.Jacob
131 Dynamics of India’s Population Growth V.C.Sinha
132 Modernizing Peasant Societies Guy Hunter
133 Management of State Level Public Enterprises in India R.K Mishra, S.Ravi Shankar, R.Nanda Gupta
134 Studies in Indian Agriculture and Growth in India Vol-I Dr.V.S Mahajan
135 Regional Structure of Development and Growth in India Vol-I G.P.Mishra
136 Amending Powers and Constitutional Amendments Paras Diwan Peeyushi Diwan
137 History of the Assam Rifles L.W.Shakespear
138 Secretarial Practice M.C Kuchhal
139 Industrial Relations and Labour Laws S.C.Srivastava
140 Industrial Relations System In India S.Nagaraju
141 Personal Management and Industrial Relation in India R.S.Davar
142 History of Partition of India Vol-I R.S.Davar
143 Rural Credit in India Shukla Mahanty
144 State Finances in India Amaresh Bagchi ,J.L.Bajaj, William A Byrd
145 Demand Forecasting (Methods Application Cases) J.Mahander Reddy
146 Business and Politic of Economic Responsibilities Sidney C.Sufria, Thomas L.Ashton
147 Public Library Operation and Services C.G.Viswanathan
148 North East India ( An Economic Perspective ) Dr.A.K.Agarwal
149 Levels of Rural Development in Nagaland Dr.Imnayongdang
150 Nagaland- A Contemporary Ethnography Subhadra Mitra Channa
151 Applied Nutrition R.Rajalakshmi
152 Nepal – A State of Poverty David Seddon
153 Planning for Development a Backward Economy Abhimanyu Singh
154 Capital Investment Selection John G Wissenna
155 Population and Food Supply in India S.S.Madalgi
156 Communication in India Joseph.E.Kiulin, Paodipto Roy, Federeck C.Fliegel, Lakit K.Sen
157 Training for Community Development T.R.Batten
158 Towards Poverty Alleviation Programme in Nagaland and Manipur B.K.Roy Burman
159 Rural Development in Nagaland A.C.Sinha
160 Management of Human Resources in Public Enterprises P.K Mishra
161 Management Information System Utpal K.Banerjee, R.K.Sachdeva
162 Social Science Information J.C Benwal, AS Chandel, Veena Saraf
163 New Dimensions of Co-operative Management G.S.Kamat
164 Evaluation of Agrarian Relation in India Bhawani Sen