“Waste to Wealth

is upheld as the VISION of the Department for the transitional values and
benefits it has for our mother earth and its inhabitants.
The Department of Land Resources was established by Government of Nagaland
in September, 1993 to implement watershed programme and other
community-based schemes with funding supports from Central and State
government. Mandate of the Department is to evolve integrated strategies for
better utilization of natural resources and promote activities aimed at
reclaiming the degraded lands, restoring ecological balance, increasing
productivity and creating livelihood and employment opportunities for the
rural communities.
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Who’s who

Advisor and Officers of the Department

Shri. G. Ikuto Zhimomi


Albert Ngullie


C. Vanchamo Ngullie

Addl. Director


Joint Director

Hekato N

Joint Director

Botovi Sema



Centrally Sponsored Schemes

Schemes that are implemented by state governments of India but are
largely funded by the Central Government with a defined State
Government share.


State Schemes

Schemes funded by the State Governmen.


Resource Center, Rüzaphema

The Departmental Resource Centre established in the year 2004 at
Ruzaphema spans over an area of 74 hectares. It is located about 20
kms away from Dimapur town and about 2 kms from Kuki Dolong, at
National Highway 29.


Annual Administrative Reports

List of Annual Administrative reports giving the current status and
progress of projects within the department.