During 2021 , new area developed under coffee is 835.7 Ha. bringing the total area under coffee plantation in the state to 9,832.2 Ha.

Given below are the highlights of the achievement during the year:

  • Under RIDF-XXIV, the department has promoted 245 Ha. of coffee plantation covering all the districts. This has led to settled farming of more than 300 marginal farmers in the state. • The state government has supported the department under untied fund for procurement and distribution of about 19, 15,000 No. of Coffee Arabica and Coffee Robusta saplings in 12districts. It has brought additional area coverage of about 590.7 Ha. under coffee plantation during the year.

  • Under post-Covid-19 economic recovery plan supported by NEC, 360 Nos. of coffee pulpers were procured and distributed across the state. The pulpers cater to about 1 ,000 Ha. of coffee plantation clusters in the state which are at threshold stage for bearing cherries.

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In line with the above, the following activities were undertaken:

Under the slogan “Drink what you grow” to inculcate coffee drinking culture among the general population of the state, the Department has initiated the following:

Barista training: 14 days intensive Barista training on the 10 skills of Barista was imparted to promote coffee-based entrepreneurship among educated unemployed youths drawn from 11 districts. The training was imparted by the two in-house certified Baristas in the department who have been trained to Level 2 Barista skills from British Coffee School, Kathmandu, Nepal and certified by Beverage Standards Association-BSA UK.


                                                          Launching Program of Barista Training

Establishment of coffee bars across the state: The training was followed by launching of Coffee bars through coffee entrepreneurs in 11 districts. Additionally, all the District Offices of the Department have also established coffee bars in their respective offices.