Functions, supervisions & monitoring of projects (PEP)

The Police Engineering Project functions under the control of the Home Department and the Director General of Police. The nature and scope of work undertaken by the Police Engineering Project broadly include construction and maintenance of residential and administrative buildings, police stations, barracks, quarter guards, firing range etc besides provision and maintenance of water supply system, electrification and construction of roads within police acquired area.

Chief Engineers office is the controlling office and all the Divisional officers with their Subordinate Officers and staffs are directly involved with the field work, preparation of estimate, bills etc.  According to the budget allocation and as per the delegation of power, CE/SE office approves the estimates received from the Divisions and thereby  issue necessary work orders after observing all codal formalities for the works basing on the NPWD rules and regulations.

Construction of Executive Engineer (Electrical) Office, Phesama under MOD

Construction of Executive Engineer (Electrical) Office, Phesama under MOD

Only the Divisional Officers (Project Engineers) are having the Cheque Drawl Authority issued by the Govt. for making all kind of payment towards contractors. All the Divisions are maintaining the NPWD account system and for which Divisional Accounts Officers and their assistants from the Director of Treasuries and Accounts Nagaland are posted to all the Divisions.

Within the power delegated under delegation of power to the various rank/officers by the Govt. this department is also adopting the same for decision making and if required, the same will used to send to the higher authority. The norms set out for discharge of functions are as per the NPWD code for the technical staffs and for ministerial staffs according to the prevailing rules adopted under Govt. of Nagaland.

The technical wing has always endeavored to promote the professional efficiency of any kind of works under police department and ensure that its performance is at all times in accordance with policies and guidelines, setting standards for quality policing, facilitating their implementation and ensuring that the working staffs performs its task in a professional manner with functional autonomy.Hence the Police Engineering department is competent to execute any type of projects under the Police Department.


SECTORAL OUTLAY FOR 2017-18:The Following are the Approved Sectoral outlay for 2017-18 under Demand No-68(PEP) Nagaland as intimated by Planning and Coordination Department.

  1. Public Works (Police) PLAN –           Rs. 450.00 lakhs
  2. Negotiated Loan (HUDCO)    –           Rs. 521.00  lakhs

Total    –           Rs. 971.00 lakhs


Details of Institution-wise sub-allocation of Negotiated loan and Ongoing Plan Activities (Plan) are shown in ANNEXURE A & B. 




                    ANNEXURE A

Demand Grant No. : 68 (PEP)
ONGOING/PLAN ACTIVITIES Budget Provision during 2017-18 Remarks
4055- 211(02):
1 Renovation and improvement of Govt Bldgs under Chumukedima Division 10.00 Ongoing
2 Renovation and improvement of Govt Bldgs under Alichen Division 20.00 Ongoing
3 Renovation and improvement of Govt Bldgs under Kohima Division 25.00 Ongoing
4 Renovation and Maintenance of  Electrical (Re-wiring & Re-electrification etc) under Electrical Division 30.00 Ongoing
5 Const of Garrage & Guard room for IGP(HQ) residence at Phesama 5.00 Ongoing
6 Construction of IGP(INT) Office at PR Hill Kohima 66.00 Ongoing
7 Construction of parade ground protection wall at Police Reserve, Phesama 28.00 Ongoing
8 Construction of approach road from 7th NAP Batallian HQ to Jendong post 105.00 Ongoing
9 Construction of retaining wall, fencing and store room for PHQ garden and retaining wall near IG Fire Office PHQ 24.50 New
10 Construction of retaining wall and drainage at New Reserve Phesama 6.50 New
11 Construction of SP Residence for DEF Mokokchung 40.00 New
12 Blacktopping (Cutting, Soling and metalling) of road to  Coy Outpost  from the Main Road including RCC Box Culvert and the RCC boundary perimeter pillars at the newly alloted site of Champang Outpost 90.00 New


Demand Grant No. : 68 (PEP)
  4055- 211(01):
NEGOTIATED LOAN (HUDCO) 2017-18  Budget provision(in lakhs)  Remarks
1 Construction of office and labrotary etc for Deputy Director FSL, Kacharigoan, Dimapur 170.00 Ongoing
2 Contruction of Traffic Control room and staff accommodation opposite SKV petrol pump, Kohima 55.00 Ongoing
3 Construction of Commissioner of Police Office,gate,compound pavement  etc at Dimapur 200.00 Ongoing
4 Construction of Staff quarters RCC Type-I(4 Units) & Type-III(2 Units) at 7th NAP Bn. Bhandari 40.00 Ongoing
5 Construction of Jawan Barrack(48*24 iinclusive of kitchen 18*12, toilet 16*13)at  PS Aghunato under DEF Zunheboto 36.00 Ongoing
6 Construction of Type-V quarter at Alichen under 2nd NAP( Extension of Project Engineer;s Office) 20.00 Ongoing