Care Support and Treatment (CST)

Status of ART till March 2021
Sl. No. Particulars Male Female TS/TG Children Total
1 Cumulative number of PLHAs registered for HIV Care 10468 10184 15 625 624 21916
3 Cumulative number of patients ever started on ART 8061 7721 11 417 422 16632
4 Cumulative number of patients who died since the beginning of the programme 1145 957 4 45 36 2187
5 Number of PLHIV whose treatment status is”stopped treatment till the end of this month (it is a dynamic figure) 31 42 0 3 2 78
6 Number of PLHIV on ART who have opted out of the program till the end of this month  (it is a dynamic figure) 143 148 0 6 3 300
8 Number of PLHIV whose status is “LFU” till the end of this month (it is a dynamic figure) 1015 997 1 50 39 2102
10 Total number of patients alive and on ART at the end of this month 4777 4701 6 289 309 10082

Services Available in ART Centre

ART Preparedness Counseling

Free CD4 testing

Free Doctor Check up

Free ART medicine for Adults and Children

Free Opportunistic Infections drugs

Follow up of Clients

Adherence Monitoring

Side effects monitoring of ART drugs

Screening of HIV-TB Co infection

Free Isoniazid Prophylaxis Therapy drugs/ 99 DOTS

Referral to TB Services

Referral to STI Services

Free Viral load testing

Counselling  – Step up Counselling

State AIDS Clinical Expert Panel (SACEP)

Free Second line Drugs

Counselling for Behavioural Change

Free Condoms



State District Type of Facility Facility Details Facility Staff Details
Designation Name Email address
Nagaland Dimapur ART Plus Centre ART Plus Centre                     District Hospital                           Dimapur, 797112                         Nagaland SMO 1. Dr. Hotoka Hesso (SMO) artdmp2006[AT]rediffmail[DOT]com
Medical Officer 2. Dr. Molusen Jamir
Medical Officer 3. Dr. Kikavi Hevikhe Ghushepu
Nurse Ms. Bendangnaro
Ms. Aliho Chishi
Ms. Keviseno Tetso
Counselor Mr. Lipokumla Longchar
Mr. Rovkhotso Joseph
Mr. Albert
Mr. P Kinsho Kinimi
Pharmacist Phennyai Phom
Lab Techinician Ms. Kikanungla
Mr. Hutoka K Kinny
Data Entry Operator 1. Shri. Abel Tureng
2. Mr. Joseph Chakhesang
Care Coordinator Ms. Talitula
Kohima ART Plus Centre ART Plus Centre,
Naga Hospital Authority Kohima
Kohima 797001,                    Nagaland
Medical Officer 1.Dr. Mehokhu Zao (SMO) artcentrekohima[AT]gmail[DOT]com
2. Dr. Temsumenla
Nurse Ms. Mapuienla
Counselor Ms. Kevino Florence Richa
Ms. Neikhotsono Suokhrie
Mr. Menuvito Sophie
Lab Techinician Ms. Abino Kire
Pharmacist Ms. Temsumenla pongen
Data Entry Operator Ms. Temjensangla
Ms. Asenla Longkumer
Care Coordinator Mr. Keneilhou
Mokokchung ART Plus Centre ART Plus Centre,
Imkongliba Memorial District Hospital
Mokokchung – 798601, Mokokchung Nagaland
SMO Dr. Temsumenla art.mokokchung[AT]gmail[DOT]com>,
Medical Officer vacant
Nurse Ms. Sentienla
Pharmacist Lendinoba
Counselor Ms.Katinungla Jamir
Ms. Chubaeinla Longchar
Lab Techinician Ms. Sutsungsangla
Data Entry Operator Mr. Peter Aley
CCC Ms.Imnanaro
Tuensang ART Centre ART Center                              District Hospital Tuensang   Tuensang 798612            Nagaland Medical Officer Dr. Toshi Jamir artctuensang[AT]gmail[DOT]com>,
Nurse Ms. Tosangla.A
Pharmacist Ms. Chubalemla
Counselor 1 Mr. Lannumeren
Counselor 2 Mr. Imjonglepa
Lab Techinician Ms C. Imsenkala Chang
Data Entry Operator Mr. Simon Yanthan
Care Coordinator Ms. I Kekasangla
Kiphire ART Centre  ART Centre                              District Hospital Kiphire           Kiphire  798611.                     Kiphire Nagaland. Medical Officer vacant artc.kpe[AT]gmail[DOT]com>,
Nurse Ms. Asangla. R
Pharmacist Mr. R. Noyingi Odyuo
Counselor Mr. Athronba Sangtam
Lab Techinician Mr. Pongyangtsung Ao
Data Entry Operator Mr. Yansukiu. M.
Care Coordinator Ms Tsasela T Sangtam
Zunheboto ART Centre ART Center,                               Hezukhu Memorial District Hospital,Zunheboto: Nagaland-798620 Medical Officer Dr.  N Kitoi Aye artczbto[AT]gmail[DOT]com>,
Nurse Ms. Tekalemla Longkumer
Pharmacist Ms. Mary k. Yepthomi
Counselor Ms. Nikali A Shohe
Lab Technician Mr. Viboto Kinimi
Data Entry Operator Ms. Jetoli V Jimo
Care Coordinator Smti.Visheli
Jalukie FI-ART Centre Fi-ART centre, Community Health Centre, Jalukie- 797110, Peren, Nagaland. Medical Officer Dr. Ramheigum fiartjalukie[AT]gmail[DOT]com>,
Nurse Ms.Paunamdile
Counselor Cum Data Entry Operator Mr. Pauziedibe
Phek FI-ART Centre Fi-ART centre,                             District Hospital Phek,             Phek- 797108, Nagaland. Medical Officer Dr. Limanukshi Jamir i/c fiartcentredhphek[AT]gmail[DOT]com>,
Nurse Ms. Rokutolu Venu
Counselor Cum Data Entry Operator Mr. Yangchumong
Dimapur PPP ART Centre  Assam Rifles Composite Hospital, Shokhuvi,                       Dimapur-797115               Nagaland SMO Dr. M L Sharma digmedsupdtarch[AT]gmail[DOT]com,  archmedicalstores[AT]gmail[DOT]com,
Nurse Jishamol George
Counselor P K Basnet
Pharmacist Kamal Kant
Lab. Tech Sajimon.o
Data Manager Dibya Prakash
Wokha FI-ART Centre Dr. Motsuo Memorial Hospital
Near Superintendent Office
Wokha, P.O. Box- 66
Pin- 797111, Nagaland
Medical Officer Dr. Renben Lotha fiartcentrewokha[AT]gmail[DOT]com
Nurse Ms. Areni Y Tsopoe
Counselor Cum Data Entry Operator Ms. Yanchibeni Kikon
Mon FI-ART Centre District Hospital Mon
Thamnan Ward, Mon Town
Pin- 798621, Nagaland
Medical Officer vacant fiartmon[AT]gmail[DOT]com,
Nurse Ms. Ruth Pochury
Counselor Cum Data Entry Operator Mr. M.C Manchen
Noklak ART Centre HR Lite ARTC                              CHC Noklak,                                    Noklak – 798626,                     Nagaland Medical Officer vacant artcnoklak2021[AT]gmail[DOT]com,
Nurse Ms. Rosemary
Counselor cum DEO Mr. Hime Lam
Lab Technician Mr. Pechio Khiamniungan