NAGALAND POLICE Central Police Store - Nagaland Police Headquarters

Police Central Store

As per the record, Police Central Store (PCS) was established during the year 1973 under the command of one Dy.SP/Officer-In-Charge, and functions directly under the supervision of Police Headquarter Kohima. During the year 2008, a post of Addl. SP was upgraded/created by the State Government and since then the office has been functioning smoothly with the same post till date.


All the supplied items are received at PCS from the Government approved firms/suppliers, to be seated for the line committee board for clearance and after passing the supplied items from the line committee board, the PCS issues the supplied items to various units accordingly as per the allotment order of PHQ Kohima.


The office of PCS comprises of 8 (eight) section/branches which are purely assigned by OC PCS, Chumukedima. It has 1 (one) NGO as In-Charge under each section/branches except in the Medicine Section/Branch which functions under a ministerial staff as In-Charge. The following are the section/branches under OC PCS:

  1. Clothing ‘A’
  2. Clothing ‘B’
  3. Footwear’
  4. Miscellaneous
  5. Ration
  6. Arms
  7. M.T.
  8. Medicine

The Nagaland Police AR-Shop is directly under the supervision of PHQ, Kohima. It is under the command of one ABI (Armourer-in-Chief) at Police Central AR-Shop, Chumukedima.