Ex-Officio Role of the Governor

1) Chief Rector of Nagaland University, visitor of the Global Open University, St. Joseph University,ICFAI University, the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India University, Nagaland, and Christian Institute of Health Science and Research. As the visitors the Governor can (i) preside over the convocation; (ii) constitute a Committee to review the functioning of the University; (iii) preside over the meeting of the Governing Council if desired; and, (iv) seek information from Pro Chancellor on all affairs of [...]

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Postal Address:Governor’s Secretariat, Raj Bhavan, Officer’s Hill, Kohima – 797001 Nagaland, India. Telephone No. 0370-2242917 (Office) 0370-2242898 (FAX)Email ID:rajbhavankohima@nic.in secy.rajbhavannagaland@gmail.comFor making appointment with the Honourable Governor  Request can be made either through FAX or by contacting the following officers: 1) Shri Sureshkumar R P, PPS to Governor, 0370-2245789, 2) Sqn Ldr Abhineeth AK, ADC to Governor, Tel. No. 0370-2242881 or 3) Shri Watichuchang Jamir, ADC to Governor, Tel. No. 0370-2242881.  Details like the name, designation, organization, purpose of [...]

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Roles & Responsibility

Governor – Constitutional Functions The various constitutional provisions having bearing on Governor’s office and his functions are summarized as follows: General; Legislative; Executive; Judicial; Emergency; Special provisions; and Miscellaneous.   General provisions relate to his office, qualifications, appointments, tenure, conditions of office emergency functions and protection of the Governor from legal processes.   Legislative Powers and functions: Governor is a part of the Legislative Assembly (Article 168). He is vested with the authority for summoning, proroguing and dissolving [...]

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Governor’s Profile

Shri. La Ganesan was born in a temple town of Tanjore, the granary of South and the erstwhile capital of medieval Cholas in the year 1945. Born in an orthodox Bhramin family, his association with the Nationalist movement RSS was well ahead of his schooling, since his family was associated with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. At the age of 9, Shri La Ganesan’s father, Shri Lakshmi Raghava Iyer, a respectable businessman of the town, passed away, hence he was compelled to take up a government job in the Revenue Department, as Revenue Settlement Inspector, after completing his Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC). Being wedded to the cause of the motherland, he preferred to be a bachelor all through his life and he chose to be the Pracharak [...]

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