Shri Loknath Mishra
(From 13-04-1992 to 01-10-1993)

Shri Loknath Mishra, the Governor of Assam, was sworn in as the Governor of Nagaland on April 13, 1992. He visited Nagaland frequently as the State was under the President’s Rule.  He did research work on ‘mantras’ and their efficacy in different fields, including treatment of diseases. He made successful experiment of Mantras acquired in various languages (including Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Sanskrit, Hindi, Oriya, Bengali and Assamese) to provide a healing touch to different deseases.  On Sundays, many people would flock to Raj Bhavan to seek Mantra Therapy for the treatment of diseases. He demitted office on October 1, 1993.