Shri O.P. Sharma
(From 12-11-1996 to 27-01-2002)

Shri O.P. Sharma was sworn in as the eleventh Governor of the State on November 12, 1996. A strict disciplinarian and coming with a long experience of dealing with terrorism in the Punjab as the Director General of Police, he immediately read the pulse of the people, tired of incessant violence over the past years. The Governor’s tours by road, and sometimes on foot, within the State were well appreciated by the people of the State.  His desire to get feedback directly from the people and see the situation on the spot, were quoted as examples for emulation by the Government officials and the elected representatives to respond to people’s needs.
            The Governor Shri O.P. Sharma is an accomplished painter. He generously gave away umpteen number of his paintings to the Raj Bhavan, State Chief Minister and the State Government. This speaks eloquent of his generosity and love for the Naga people. To him goes the entire credit for designing several new buildings with a classic touch of rich Naga art and culture in the Raj Bhavan.
            He also brought out two valuable Monogaphs, viz., ‘Culture Scape of Nagaland’ and ‘Raj Bhavan Kohima – Naga Heritage House’ that will remain his lasting contribution to the Raj Bhavan.
            Peace talks with the the NSCN(I-M) in the years 1996 and 1997 resulted in the Prime Minister announcing on July 25, the suspension of operations for three months beginning August 1, 1997. The Ceasefire was widely welcomed by the public organisations and paved the way for peace once again in the troubled State. Despite the initial hiccups, the State has remained, by and large, peaceful and though the issues and discussions in the talks being held between the NSCN(I-M) and the Government of India are not in the public domain, the people are hopeful that they will finally be able to enjoy the fruits of permanent peace.