This scheme under State Plan in primarily aimed at reducing congestion and development of requisite infrastructure in the capital town. The Department has prepared a Master Plan for development of a new township in the New Capital Complex, near Thizama, with the main objective of easing congestion in the existing Capital town. The new township is envisaged to be a self-contained Satellite township, having all basic amenities and services, while relying on Kohima town for higher-order services.
        In order to provide a framework for proper development of the New Capital Complex area and to provide better connectivity with surrounding areas, the Department has undertaken construction of 2 link roads connecting New Capital Complex with NH - 61 and with NH - 150 (BSF Camp) under this scheme. Formation cutting of 2 new roads connecting New Capital Complex with NH - 61 & with BSF Camp was recently completed. Presently, culvert and cross drainage structures are being taken up in phases.
        As apart of its initiatives to improve the unrecorded traffic congestion and parking problems prevailing in the state capital, the Department took up a model project, 'CHAU' Parking Area, at Forest colony, near Science College road, to provide parking facility for taxis and buses from nearby villages such as Jotsoma, Mezoma and Khonoma, etc. This was inaugurated on 13th May, 2007 by Hon'ble Minister UD and handed over to Kohima Municipal Council.
        Beautification works were also taken up at major traffic points with provision of roundabouts and 11 numbers of High Mast Lighting were installed at all major traffic points in the capital town, Kohima and at Kisama Heritage Village to reduce the risks of accidents and provide better security to motorists & pedestrians. This project inaugurated by Hon'ble CM on 15th June, 2007 has provided a much needed facelift to the capital town as well as improved sense of security for citizens and provided an urban ambience to a certain extent.