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The Department of Water Resources is in the Water Resources Sector, implementing almost all the water related works in the State. The State economy is highly dependent on the agricultural production by the farmers through judicious use of water. Water is becoming scarce due to climatic changes globally and unpredictable drought conditions due to the fact that almost eight months of the year are dry although there is heavy rainfall during the summer. In this scenario, the Department is implementing reliable water sources infrastructures for assured irrigations and also imparting the requisite training for economic usage of water to the farmers.

The Department is responsible for construction of Major, Medium & Minor Irrigation Projects; Groundwater Development, Command Area Development, Flood Management Programme (Anti-Erosion Measures).
Major & Medium Irrigation
Till today, there is not a single project under Major & Medium Irrigation. However, the department has conducted survey works and identified a few areas where Medium Irrigation schemes construction are feasible. It is the endeavor of the Department to seek funding agencies and implement at least one of such scheme...
Minor Irrigation
This type of scheme is commonly implemented throughout the length and breadth of the State. It is generally suitable in the state of Terraced Rice cultivation (TRC) and Vegetable cultivation, both during Kharif and Rabi season. In this type of Irrigation water is diverted and carried by a channel to the command areas.
Flood Management
This scheme is implemented where the infrastructures of township, communications, human habitations etc are threatened due to heavy erosion of river banks causing devastating destructions. It is also implemented to mitigate floods...
Command Area Development
& Water Management Program
This is implemented in the areas where irrigation potentials have been created but lags on proper utilization of the potential created. During 2006-07, the Medziphema CADWM has been completed in the area of 3151 ha for...