About Us

Oct 4, 2021

Public Health Engineering Department was bifurcated from the erstwhile PWD and became a fully fledged Department in 1974. As per the Rules of Executive Business, the PHED is responsible for providing safe and potable drinking water supply, safe disposal of solid and liquid waste and environmental hygiene.

Water is best known as the elixir of life and its importance is crucial for equitable growth and development. Water being a natural resource is often left unattended and neglected. It is, however, becoming a scarce resource due to overuse and misuse. The Department has therefore, been consistently striving to augment the existing water supply systems, regulate proper water distribution, manage water sources, implement roof top rainwater harvesting, rejuvenate traditional wells in water scarce areas and providing material and financial assistance to Water and Sanitation Committees (WATSAN) managing rural water supply systems to further the objective of providing safe, adequate and sustainable drinking water.

Alongside implementing drinking water supply schemes in both rural and urban areas, the Department under the Water and Sanitation Support Organization (WSSO), also implements sanitation programme and conducts ample seminars and workshops to educate the masses on the importance of sanitation in rural habitations to achieve open defecation free status for ensuring the ultimate goal of good community health. More impetus has been given to sanitation sector with the launching of the Swachh Bharat Mission (Clean India Mission) by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India during October 2014.