Functions of the Department

The rules of Executive Business enumerate the following functions for the Department of Parliamentary Affairs.

  1. Date of Summoning, Prorogation and Dissolution of Legislative Assembly; Governor’s Address to the Nagaland Legislative Assembly;
  2. Planning and Coordination of Legislative and other Official Business in the Legislative Assembly;
  3. Allocation of Government time in Legislative Assembly for discussion of motions;
  4. Liaison with leaders, Chief Whips and Deputy Whips;
  5. List of Members in Select Committees on Bills.
  6. Appointment of Members of Legislative Assembly on Committees and Bodies set up by the Government.
  7. Setting up of Consultative Committees in the State and assist it’s functioning.
  8. Implementation of Assurances given by Ministers in the Legislative Assembly.
  9. Government’s stand on Private Members’ Bills and Resolutions.
  10. Providing Secretarial assistance to the Committees on Parliamentary Affairs.
  11. Salaries and allowances of Members of Legislative Assembly (Now transferred to Nagaland Legislative Assembly Secretariat).
  12. Powers, Functions, Pay, Allowances and other amenities of the Parliamentary Secretaries.
  13. Advice to Departments on procedural and other Parliamentary matters.
  14. Coordination of action by Departments on the recommendation of general application made by Parliamentary Committees.
  15. Officially sponsored visits of Members of Legislative Assembly to places of interest.
  16. Matters connected with Powers, Privileges and Immunities of Members of Legislative Assembly.
  17. Organizing Youth Parliament, Seminar and Quiz Competition.
  18. Formulating of conduct for Legislators and matters relating to defection.
  19. Establishing a Research Cell, Library and Welfare Cell to assist the Members of Legislative Assembly.