Organizational Structure

Sl. No Designation No. of employees Powers and Duties
1 Secretary 1 i. Administrative Head
ii. Policy matters/ general administration
iii. Orders/ Sanction/ Approvals
iv. Confidential and Disciplinary matters
v. APARs
vi. Implementation of Government Assurances
vii. Correspondence with the Government of India
2 Deputy Secretary 1 i. Policy matters/ general administration
ii. Sanctions, Orders/ Approvals
iii. Controlling and supervision of the staff
iv. Any other work/ duties entrusted by the Head of Department
3 Section Officer 1 i. Controlling and Supervision of the Staff
ii. Assisting the Secretary
4 Secretariat Assistant 1 i. Youth Parliament & Quiz Competition
ii. Correspondence with the Government of India and other States
iii. Matters relating to Research Cell and Library
iv. Establishment matters of Parliamentary Affairs
v. Implementation of Government Assurances
vi. Matters relating to Nagaland Legislative Assembly
vii. Finance/ Planning matters
5 LDA 1 i. All diaries
ii. All dispatch
6 Typists 3 Branch, Parliamentary Affairs
7 Peons 3 Branch, Dak runner
8 Peons 2 Attached to Secretary, Parliamentary Affairs
9 Stenographer 1 Personal Assistant to Secretary, Parliamentary Affairs