The location of the Raj Bhavan is one of the most picturesque spots, which is the only environmental haven. Originally called the “Summer Hill” during the British time, and later the “Garrison Hill”, during the famous battle of Kohima of 1944, Raj Bhavan has a commanding view of the Kohima town and also a good view of Bara basti (Kohima village), claiming to be the biggest village in Asia, towards the North. It has a grand view of [...]

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Functions and Duties of the Governor The various constitutional provisions having bearing on Governor’s office and his functions are as follows; (a) General (b) Legislative (c) Executive (d) Judicial (e) Emergency (f)  Special provisions (g) Miscellaneous General provisions General provisions relate to Governor’s office, qualifications, appointments, tenure, conditions of office and protection of the Governor from legal processes. Article 153 of the Constitution states that there shall be a Governor for each State. Under Article 155 of the [...]

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I. Introduction            The Governor’s house, popularly called Raj Bhavan, is the seat of the office of the Constitutional Head of the State. The State of Nagaland came into existence on 1st December 1963, to become the 16th State in the country. It comprised Tuensang Frontier Division of the erstwhile North-East Frontier Agency (NEFA) and the Naga Hill District of Assam with which the former was merged in 1957. The first Governor of the State was sworn in on [...]

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