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FORM-1 Application-Cum-Declaration as to physical fitness
FORM-1A Medical Certificate
FORM-2 Form of application for the grant or renewal of leaner's license
Form-3 Learner's License
FORM-4 Form of application for licence to drive a motor vehicle
Form-4A Form of Application for issue of International driving permit to drive a motor vehicle in other countries
Form-5 Driving certificate issued by driving school or Establishments
Form-6 Form of Driving License
Form-6A International Driving Permit
Form-7 Form of Driving License (Laminated/Smart Card Type)
Form-8 Application for addition of a new class of vehicle to a driving license
Form-9 Form of application for the renewal of driving license
Form-10 State Register of Driving License
Form-11 Form of License for the Establishment of a Motor Driving School
Form-12 Form of Application for a License to engage in the Business of imparting instruction in Driving of Motor Vehicle
Form-13 Form of Application for renewing a License to engage in the business of imparting instructions in Driving of Motor Vehicles
Form-14 Register showing the enrolment of Trainee(s) in the Driving School Establishments
Form-15 Register showing the Driving Hours spent by a trainee
Form-16 Form of Application for Grant of renewal of Trade Certificate
Form-17 Form of Trade Certificate
Form-18 Intimation of loss or destruction of a Trade certificate and Application for Duplicate
Form-19 Register To Be Maintained By The Holder Of Trade Certificate
FORM-20 Application for registration of a motor vehicle
Form-21 Sale Certificate
Form-22 Initial Certificate Of Compliance With Pollution, Standards, Safty Standards Of Components And Road Worthiness
Form-22A Certificate Of Compliance With Pollution, Standards, Safty Standards Of Components And Road Worthiness (For vehicles where body is fabricated separately)
Form-23 Certificate Of Registration
Form-23A Certificate Or Registration (In Electronic Medium As Smart Card, Etc.)
Form-24 Register Of Motor Vehicle
Form-25 Form Of Application For Renewal Of Certificate Of Registration Ofa Motor Vehicle, Other Than A Transport Vehicle
FORM-26 Intimation of loss or destruction etc. of the Certificate of Registration
FORM-27 Application for assignment of new registration mark on removal of a motor vehicle to another State.
FORM-28 Application and grant of no objection certificate
FORM-29 Notice of transfer of ownership of a motor vehicle
FORM-30 Application for intimation and transfer of ownership of a motor vehicle
Form-31 Application For The Transfer Of Ownership In The Name Of The Person Succeding To The Possession Of The Vehicle
Form-32 Application For Transfer Of Ownership In Case Of A Motor Vehicle Purchased Or Acquired In Public Auction
Form-33 Intimation of change of address to be recorded in the Certificate of Registration
FORM-34 Application for making an entry of an agreement of hirepurchase/ lease / hypothecation subsequent to registration
FORM-35 Notice of termination of an agreement of hirepurchase/Lease/hypothecation
Form-36 Application for issue of a fresh Certificate of Registration in The name of the Financier
Form-37 Notice To The Registered Owner Of The Motor Vehicle To Surrender The Certificate Of Registration For Cancellation And Issue Of Fresh Registration Certificate In The Name Of The Financier
Form-38 Certificate Of Fitness (Applicable In The Case Of Transport Vehicles Only)
Form-39 Form Of Letter Of Authority Issued To An Authorised Testing Station
Form-40 Application Form For Grant Or Renewal Of Letter Of Authority
Form-41 State Register Of Motor Vehicles
Form-42 Form Of Application For Registration Of Motor Vehicle By Or On Behalf Of A Diplomatic/Consular Officer
Form-43 Certificate Of Registration Of A Motor Vehicle Belonging To A Diplomatic Or Consula Officer
Form-44 Intimation Of Changes Of State Of Residence And Application For Assignment Of Fresh Registration Mark By Or On Behalf Of A Diplomatic Or Consular Officer
FORM-45 Application for grant of permit in respect of tourist vehicle
FORM-46 Form of application for grant of authorization for tourist Permit or National permit
Form-47 Authorisation For Tourist Permit Or National Permit
FORM-48 Application for the grant of National permit
Form-50 Bill of Lading
Form-51 Certificate of insurance - see rule 141
Form-52 Cover Note
Form-53 Certificate In Respect Of Exemption Of Motor Vehicle From Insurance
Form-54 Accident Information Report
Form-55 Application for the approval of a Foreign Insurer
Form-56 Notice to Cease to Act as Guarantor
Form-57 Certificate for Foreign Insurance
Form-58 Endorsement on Certificate of Foreign Insurance